Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week's Plan

This week the plan will be rather simple.  I have one game this Wednesday as Black.  It's against someone I have played several times and my record is something like one win, five losses, and four or five draws. 

So since I know what opening I will be playing I will brush up a little in that regard, but mostly I am going to work on tactics and on playing through annotated games.

Last week I actually did more tactical work than I had been doing lately.  It's what allowed me to find a move like Rb5 in my last game .  To play through that game go here:

I had been struggling to actually get in my tactical work.  Mostly out of laziness, so I have no real excuse.  But last week I finally got the work in.  Clearly it made a difference.

I can also see a difference in my play that is a result of playing over so many annotated games.  The difference I see is that I don't rush.  I find myself building up slowly and methodically rather than rushing headlong into what may or may not be a good plan.

For example, in the game linked above I could win a pawn with 16. Bxb7 but after 16...Rb8 and 17...Nb3 my opponent would have massive comp for the pawn.  So for one of the first times in my life I didn't go pawn grabbing.

So let's hope that the progress continues.


  1. Those pawns are hard to resist !!

  2. Not too long ago I couldn't resist them. But a handful of terrible losses as a result of rushing to grab a pawn has taught me better.