Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"You've Been Here Before, Sure You Have."

I've tried everything else, so why not the opening sentence to a wonderful Stephen King novel, Needful Things for a title...

This coming Thursday I will get my second shot at making Class A.  I will have Black against Tom Fogec.  I have played Tom only once before, and that game was rather interesting.  Tom had White in that contest as well and played the London against me.  I found a rather interesting pawn sac to get a lot of piece activity, but neither of us could find a lasting advantage so we split the point.

However, that was a little over a year ago.  Now, I find myself 150 points higher rated than I was at that time.

So I will have to make sure that I find my internal focus and don't let anything go to my head as it were.

A couple of years ago my friend Dave Cardenas and I were at a tournament and I read a sentence in something he had that literally changed my way of thinking.  It read "There is action in waiting, and waiting in action."  To me this has become something of a mantra.  My version of "don't hurry."

Is it my time to shine?


  1. Sorry, with my daily commitment to ChessIQ.com I sometimes forget to update things here. See the game with some initial analysis here: http://www.chessiq.com/the-game-for-1800/