Thursday, October 3, 2013

September Recap

September had already flown by and here was the plan...

  • Learn the Sicilian Taimanov
  • Work on Calculation
  • Work on Analysis
  • Study Fischer Games
So how did I do?  Well, this month I feel that I did so-so.  Let's take them one by one...

Learn the Sicilian Taimanov

I did start to read The Sicilian Taimanov: Move by Move by John Emms.  And in fact, as noted in an earlier post I sort of play a Taimanov.  I didn't play much of one, but I did do some groundwork at least.  I feel comfortable in some of the positions since I am comfortable in the Scheveningen lines already.

Work on Calculation

I didn't specifically do any calculation-related drills (i.e. solve endgame studies) but nevertheless I have noticed that my calculation skills are improving.  I find myself having an easier time more thoroughly examining lines.  I also seem to find candidate moves much easier than I was. 

I am fairly certain that this is a byproduct of the hard work I have put in on analyzing my games. 

Work on Analysis

I didn't do as much as I would like, for no other reason than I have the last two games I have played unanalyzed to date.  I did some post mortem work on them, but nothing in depth and they aren't even in ChessBase.

So lots of work to do in this area, but I did some of what needed to be done and can see the results paying off so far.

Study Fischer Games

This one I did very little of.  One of the down sides to reviewing so many books is that I don't really have as much time to chose what I am going to study on my own.  That's not necessarily a bad thing since I get to study some truly amazing stuff.  For example, I am currently working on the newly released algebraic edition of Alekhine's best games. 

So this area was a total failure.

Nevertheless, September saw my first shot at making Class A, and even though I fell a little short I know that getting there is just around the corner.  I will make it as long as I keep doing what I have been doing.

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