Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sadly, no Game Tonight

Well, sometimes life interferes with chess.  Tonight will unfortunately be one of those cases.

I had an employee decide to quit on no notice yesterday.  He is a supervisor where I work, and unfortunately since I am the manager that means that I will be there tonight.

So tonight was going to be my chance to play a guy rated about 60 points or so lower than me, but who has been having some bad results lately, and try to increase my all time rating ceiling.  But instead I'll be working.

I still should be at my all time rating, however.  My highest rating to date is 1721.  I am currently 1710 and my results so far in the tournament which concludes this evening are a draw against a 1751 and a win against a 1686.  So I believe that when all is said and done I'll gain 16 or 17 points to finish at 1726 or 1727.  Although lately my calculations have been off.

But in any case, I wanted the chance to play the guy tonight who's 1653.  A win, although certainly not guaranteed, would have put my rating somewhere around 1740ish.

Not to mention that tonight's opponent is a fairly good calculator so it would have been a game that would have been a good learning experience rather I won, lost, or drew.

Nevertheless, I still have my tournament coming up this Saturday. 

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