Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Plan This Week

The plan this week will vary quite a bit from the plan last week.

Last week the big idea was to work on the White side of the English since I knew I had White in a club game. This week differs in that I will have Black in my club game against a guy who's been playing moves like 1. d3 lately. So I will look at a minimal amount of "prep" for this but most efforts will be spent elsewhere.

So this week I will be spending a little more time on ChessTempo and I will also spend a little more time reading books such as 1000 Checkmate Combinations

Granted I just had a post last week stating that too much work on tactics may not be a good thing, but I'm not trying to imply that I'll be spending two hours a day working on tactics.  Rather, I might be spending 30 minutes a day rather than 15.

The other item I will be working on this week is playing over more annotated games than I have been lately.  I'm going back to an old favorite 500 Master Games of Chess.  I plan on reading the entire book this year although I am only 52 games in so far.  However, I have not been reading it at all over the past month so I'm not really behind the curve here.

This week then culminates in a four round Game/60 tournament called March Madness.  I will of course post the games...

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