Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Word About Goals

Obviously as evidenced by the name of my blog my overall goal is to become a master. 

I have gotten some messages lately about breaking that goal down in to smaller goals.  Checkpoints if you will.

I had already done so actually, but I am realizing now that since I am getting this piece of advice from different people that I should explain my plan.

My goal is to be over 1800 by the end of this year.  Originally I wanted to do that last year, but I didn't really work at it.  I "studied" more than I studied.  I was planless and so I just sort of meandered from idea to idea without truly trying to bring any of them to fruition.  Now that I am focused I will not allow myself to lose focus.

Once I reach 1800 I plan on giving myself two years from that point to make Expert.  The plan at that point will be to work mainly on calculation and tactics along with any weaknesses in my game identified by either myself or a coach. 

From there I have no idea what it will take to make master, but I plan on giving myself five years to make it.

For some people that might seem like a long time, but the reality is that when you are doing this at the age of 40 you need to give yourself more time to get there.  As a teenager it was easy to gain hundreds of points a year.  After all, I wasn't working 50 hours a week while paying the mortgage and trying to plan for the future. 

Now that I have to do those things I will probably move at a slower pace.  I'm fine with that as long as there is some movement.

So if everything goes according to plan I will become a master by 2021 at the age of either 47 or 48.

If it takes longer, then I am OK with that too.  Things will happen the way that they are supposed to.

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