Monday, May 6, 2013

The Ratings Yoyo Continues

Well, after my most recent club tournament, the Blooming Flowers Swiss my rating is now only five points shy of my peak of 1724.

The results are here.

I'm pleased that I was able to gain 32 rating points in only two games.  Mostly a combination of luck and skill I suppose.

My next event is a quad so I will have three games against similarly rated opponents.  Meaning that I will have a good chance to surpass my all time high rating as long as I continue to play like I have been barring my one bad outing at the Arpad Elo Open.

At this point I think that as long as I continue to work my plan I will continue to improve in leaps and bounds.  I just feel it in my bones right now so I feel like I have to keep the intensity going...

This weekend I will be at the final three rounds of the US Championships.  I will also be spending time with a friend of mine that I grew up playing chess with.  We are about the same strength so we should be able to get some good studying in around hanging out and everything else.

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