Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recap for May

Granted, the month isn't over, but let's recap May since the bulk of what is going to happen has happened.

Starting out for the month I stated these goals...

  • Learn to mate with two bishops.
  • Strong Opening Prep on One White Opening and One Black Opening
  • Rook Endings
  • Continued Tactical Work

  • So how did I do?  Well, I actually think that I did fairly well.

    I did learn how to mate with two bishops.  While I don't think that I could do it in the minimum number of moves in a given position I know I could do it in less than 50.  So I'll take it.

    Strong opening prep.  This is the area in which I feel like I fell down the most.  My goal was to prep the White side of the Worrall in the Ruy Lopez and to prep the Black side of 1...e5 against the English.  I did some prep on the White side of the Worrall.  Not a ton, but some.

    I didn't do any prep with 1...e5 against the English.  Perhaps I will work on that this afternoon, but even if I do I won't have reached that goal.

    I am starting to realize that in order to really prep my openings I am going to need to play a lot more speed games online.  I need to work in a ton of 10-15 minute games.  How else can I truly make sure that I am understanding and memorizing the openings I want to play.  I don't get enough reps in right now to make a difference, and that must change.

    Rook endings.  I worked through 20-30 pages of IM Minev's book A Practical Guide to Rook Endgames.  I should have gone through more, but if I keep this up then I will get to where I need to be.

    Continued tactical work.  This is something I did.  Using my iPhone for this has really helped.  It makes it so that I can knock out 5-10 puzzles whenever/wherever I feel like it.

    So how do I feel about the month overall?  I feel OK.  Like I did enough to work towards improving, even if perhaps not as much as I would have liked to have done.

    On the grading scale I'd say May was a B-

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