Friday, July 5, 2013

Opening Prep

As mentioned in a few recent posts, this is something that I definitely need to work on.  However, it's also something that I need to learn how to work on.

I'm sure that most people who are strong in the opening have a system that they use to learn openings relatively quickly and efficiently.  I am not one of them.  For me the opening is something of a struggle to learn.  Oh sure, I can learn the first 8-10 moves of some common lines relatively easily, i.e. the KID Bayonet Attack or the Yugoslav Attack against the Dragon, etc.

But those are fairly simple lines that don't tend to deviate too much prior to move 11-12, so that's easy.

When I sit down to work on the Italian, for example, it's a whole different story.  There are a relatively larger number of branches that begin earlier, which makes for a different experience. 

I haven't quite found a technique that I like to assist with memorizing the lines I need to know and then to be able to work on understanding them once I have them memorized...

So I need to spend some time and develop the proper approach.  I'm sure that the payoff will be worth it.


  1. I just enjoyed reading through your blog. We're about the same age, although I'm much greener than you are. I'm rooting for you.

    There's a dramatic plotline running through your blog that keeps the reader transfixed:

    "Oooh, I hope he studies openings this month!"

    "Drat! He didn't study openings!"

    Your reluctance to study openings is refreshingly atypical. Why don't you try the free version of Chess Position Trainer? It's wonderfully "to the point" for maintaining and practicing a repertoire. Besides a comments field, it won't help with a verbal description of plans, but that's what Google and opening books are for.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you very much for your comments. I do try to turn this into more of a narrative than is typical for most chess blogs. At least that's one of my goals.

    I don't want this to become a dry, technical blog without any human interest in it. I'd rather it be as entertaining to read as it is to write.

    I have used Chess Position Trainer in the past. I just never took to it for whatever reason.

    I am convinced that I will figure this out and get on track with my opening prep at some point!