Friday, September 13, 2013

New Sicilian, Take One

So last night I had the first game in a club quad.  I had Black against Robin Grochowski.  I have been studying the Taimanov Sicilian lately, so I thought I would mix it up and play it although I hardly know any lines.

Instead, I decided to completely go off the deep end and play some sort of hybrid nothing which was a huge waste of time rather than playing a more traditional Taimanov move order.

I got nothing out of the opening, and was lucky that my opponent wasn't playing the most aggressive continuations.  After my 13th move, having no advantage at all that I could perceive I bailed out and offered a draw, which fortunately for me was accepted.  Houdini confirmed the wisdom of this decision on both our parts since the evaluation is even.

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  1. I look at 12. c5 for a while (probably too long) and rejected it. I rejected it because I felt the pawn would only get weak on c5, plus after black plays a move such as d6, I would have to capture that pawn, and then the black bishop would have a nice post at d6. Now, perhaps I was seeing too much in black's position here. Anyhow, I felt like 12. Nc3 put more pressure on the center and that the knight was much better on this square than e2, plus I had planned the follow-up move of 13. f4, which gave me more room and cramped black's game. It would be nice to have more views on this.