Monday, September 2, 2013

The Plan for September

As usual it's time to work out the plan for the new month.

This month I am going to continue with what I did last month.

Opening Prep

Specifically I will continue to enter each game I play into ChessBase and then search to see where the deviations occurred and how I or my opponent should have continued with best play.

I also intend to being learning the Taimanov Sicilian.  I have GM Emm's book The Sicilian Taimanov: Move by Move and intend to read it.

My thought process behind this is that it will be less vital to stay near the cutting edge of theory in this opening than it is in my beloved Scheveningen..  Right now that doesn't matter a whole lot, but as I continue to grow in strength, and, as a result, play stronger opponents on a regular basis, it will likely become more important.

Make no mistake, I intend to become a master and I want to give myself every advantage I possibly can.

Analytical Ability

I intend to continue analyzing my own games as I play them.  In addition, I have been going back and analyzing some games which I played over the past few years.  I will continue to post those games here as they happen.

I also welcome all comments, because, as I pointed out earlier, I try to analyze on my own rather than with the computer.  So if you see any holes in the analysis I would appreciate you pointing them out.

Calculation Ability

I will continue to work on quick tactics.  I also need to start working in more endgame studies than I have been.  I've been doing a couple a month.  I need to change this to a couple a week.

Study Fischer's Games

That is this month's new work on.  I need to start working through more Fischer games than I have been.  I'm not sure why I have never systematically looked at his games.  But it's time to at least start.  I do need to get a copy of My 60 Memorable Games at some point.

So there it is there.  Nothing too grandiose, just a nice, simple plan to adhere to.


  1. The Fischer collection is excellent and even exciting to go through. However, there's a lot of errata, so be sure to have that handy for reference when going over the analysis; I don't think there's an updated version out there, but I could be wrong.

  2. I like discovering errata because it tells me that I am thoroughly reading the book.

    But yes, I will have the errata sheet handy!